The Trapper's Haven
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Welcome to The Trapper's Haven

    For the past 27 years, we have been a full service family operated business soley devoted to the needs of trappers throughout the United States. We have traveled to many conventions, spoken with thousands of trappers, and know what it takes to develop a name on which you can depend.

     We invite you to call or visit us for your trapping needs.

• We offer a complete line of trapping supplies, including traps, lures, snares and more.

• Licensed Fur Buyer - We have been licensed to purchase raw fur since    1993 in the states of Virginia, West Virginia & Tennessee.

• Nuisance Animal Removal - We are a licensed damage control service    for the state of Virginia. With over 45 years of trapping experience, we    provide services from the largest to the smallest of nuisance animals.

— John Coakley
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